KBST&M is very excited to announce our web-based tax organizer to our clients, My1040Data, an online Tax Organizer. This will allow our clients to provide their personal information and all tax return related documentation through a simplified data gathering secure interface.

Some of the Benefits of My1040Data:

  • A streamlined tax organizer that is easier to understand.
  • A robust responsive questionnaire that hides irrelevant questions based on answers provided to certain questions.
  • Access My1040Data on a PC, MAC or tablet.
  • Questions are arranged in smaller, more meaningful categories.
  • Attach or photograph source documents and send securely with tax organizer.
  • Unique Passwords and Logins for each Tax Organizer.

We use the most up to date technology to ensure that your confidential information is safe and only accessible by you.

We hope you find this service beneficial to you. We are constantly looking for new products and services that will benefit our clients.

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