About Us

Our Mission

At Kahn, Berman, Solomon, Taibel & Mogol, P.A. (KBST&M), we know that each client has an individual situation that requires a dynamic and customized solution. Knowing we are not in a static industry, we are constantly alert for changes in tax laws and other areas so we can identify opportunities for our clients.

Our philosophy is to work as a team to provide each client with the highest level of quality service and personal attention. We are concerned with the overall health of each organization and the needs and requirements of its owners. To that end, we are continually growing and expanding our expertise to provide management capabilities beyond traditional accounting functions.

Our technology is at your disposal.

We are unique for our responsive and technologically-forward approach. Accounting technology is more than the latest software package. We combine some of the most sophisticated developments in IT with our experience and our ability to utilize it on your behalf. We listen to our clients' needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with superior service and customized technology solutions.