Wealth Management

The creation of wealth presents many challenges. KBST&M offers a broad expertise in wealth management services for clients, coordinating all aspects of the wealth cycle into a comprehensive plan. We provide a unique offering of wealth management services by combining our underlying strength in taxation with creative financial and estate planning and management.

KBST&M can create a focused approach through coordinating various advisors and identifying gaps in a client’s overall strategy. Just as we help you successfully manage your business finances, we help you manage your personal finances. We provide reliable and unbiased counsel to help you design a plan, implement the recommendations, select advisors, and periodically review and update your wealth management strategy.

Our wealth management services include:

  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement planning and exit strategies
  • Estate and trust planning and counseling
  • Mortgage financing and refinancing consultation
  • Debt restructuring and liability management
  • Financial advisor evaluations and recommendations